Svolávač for Multiple Addressing

Svolávač can address many people at once. When time is of the essence, Svolávač can handle the communication, send instructions, and gather feedback.

The system not only helps in emergency situations, but also with everyday tasks. It is a useful tool that can be used throughout an entire organisation. Working with Svolávač is fast and easy.

  • Sends bulk messages and gathers responses
  • Is prepared for both ordinary and unexpected situations
  • Includes a tool for calling crisis management
  • Can send blanket information
  • Shows location and situation on a map
  • Contacts people via voice, text message, e-mail, and app
  • Is suitable for all types of devices
  • No need to install anything
  • Enables connection with hardware (SOS buttons, sensors)
ukázka Svolávače v telefonu

Call the team from anywhere

Telephone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Log in anywhere and you can message people in just a few clicks.

Why to Choose Svolávač

The system increases the speed of communication in both emergency and everyday situations. In stressful situations, Svolávač avoids chaos by finding the right people. In ordinary situations, it saves time and money. In both cases it uses previewed communication scenarios. Svolávač is easy to use and there is no need to install anything.

Svolávač na monitoru

Rent the System

You may like Svolávač but would only make use of it for a few months each year. What can you do in this case? We are pleased to rent the system for a limited period of time. Contact us for more details.

Time saving: Úspora času

Fast communication: Úspora času

Multiple uses of the system: Úspora času

The System as a Prefabricated Kit

The basic version of Svolávač is designed for collective communication – addressing multiple parties, gathering feedback, and following specific steps. For clients with more advanced demands, we offer the following additional useful functions.

KISS Module

Crisis managers can make use of the KISS module for natural disasters, distress, multiple-vehicle collisions, and other unpleasant situations. The module offers scenarios for crisis management teams.

MAPS Module

The MAPS module includes a localization and monitoring tool, making it suitable for organisations who would like to monitor the location of their employees whether they’re working outdoors or inside a building.


The MOBILE module is a version for companies or institutions that want to offer communication through mobile applications. The application receives PUSH notifications or it can also address people from certain fields.


This module is an interesting tool for cities and town halls. Citizens themselves chose what type of information they are interested in (e.g. parking on certain streets). The system sends pre-selected information automatically.

API Module

This extension enables you to connect Svolávač with surrounding systems. You can opt for connecting the system to existing hardware and message people with just the push of a button.

SHARP Module

It is a type of software that contacts voluntary rescue workers who are in the vicinity of an injured person (e.g. in close proximity of a person with heart-attack).

Svolávač with the KISS and API modules

The System in Companies

Svolávač is connected to external hardware.
It starts notifying the appropriate parties after you push the SOS button.
When the assembly line stops it informs the management.
In case of fire it starts the alarm.
It calls the crisis management team in unexpected situations.
It shortens the downtime during power outages.
It ensures communication in everyday situations.


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