The Calling System Svolávač

Svolávač can inform people in bulk by voice, text messaging, e-mail, and the mobile application. If needed, it gathers the responses of the contacted people and acts accordingly.

O systému Svolávač

Svolávač stores the instructions of who to contact in certain situations — these are preset scenarios. You can prepare as many scenarios as you need in Svolávač.

Svolávač not only addresses people in four different ways, it can also use a different text for each variant. E.g. the voice message can be shorter than the text message. After the initial contact, the following steps are followed.

  • Contacts replacements if the people who were called do not react
  • Escalates the information upward
  • Changes the way of notifying
  • Sends a confirmation that everything went right
Occasionally Svolávač cannot reach someone. (The person might be out of reception or they have their telephone switched off.) In that case Svolávač repeats the call.

Immediately after sending your message you can see who has already received the information and who has not. To make working with Svolávač comfortable, this information is represented in graphs..

Fully Automatic Solutions

Svolávač offers yet another possible use; it can send out information such as invitations for meetings, reminders, and instructions for employees. The system contacts people at a pre-arranged time. The advantage of Svolávač is that it converts written messages into voice mail. You can appreciate a function that sets the importance of the addressees – allowing you to prioritise the managers or specialists. Complementary modules of Svolávač come with even more options, e.g. the possibility to contact people within designated areas, or start messaging with the simple push of a button. See the page Add-ons.

Reliability: Spolehlivost

Automation: Podpora zařízení

Priority settings: Způsoby oslovení

For All Devices

Whatever device you are using at the moment, you can start messaging people from any computer, telephone, or tablet.

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telephones, tablets

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iOS, MacOS

telephones, tablets, computers

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SHARP in the News

The most-known module of Svolávač – SHARP – is often in the interest of the media thanks to its merits. You may have seen a report on voluntary rescue workers in the news..


TV Barrandov


Online Calling System

Svolávač is run on the cloud. Thanks to this, it is not important to install the system. With calling systems that run online you have the advantage of always working with the latest version.


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