Add-ons of Svolávač

The basic call system offers various functions. At its core, it provides bulk communication and calls specific people. If your needs are more demanding, you can opt for different add-ons. There are modules for working with maps, mobile apps, or connecting to hardware.

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+ MAPS Module
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+ SHARP Module
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KISS Module

KISS is an acronym for crisis informational and calling system in the Czech language. This is what Caller with the KISS module does – in moments of distress it calls the crisis management team and informs the responsible parties.

The KISS module is prepared for various unpleasant situations in which it automatically calls the appropriate crisis management team, informs the municipal council, and finds out who is able to get to the spot. The call system helps all year long, either at Christmas or during the heat of August.

  • Floods
  • Extensive fires
  • Snowstorms
  • Blackouts
  • Poisonous chemical leaks
  • Emergency situations
  • Incidents of violence

MAPS module

The MAPS module is a clever tool for companies that need to monitor people working outdoors. Apart from that it can also monitor the position of people inside buildings.

If you need to contact people in bulk and be informed of their position in the field, Svolávač is the right choice. Thanks to this module you can display the positions of selected people. The calling system enables you to contact people within a designated area.

  • Monitoring people
  • Localization of employees in the field
  • Monitoring of workers in dangerous spaces
  • Ability to recognize unusual situations
  • Feedback of the trajectory
  • Option to contact people within a selected locality

MOBILE module

The MOBILE module adds to the call system another type of communication – you can reach people on their telephones thanks to PUSH notifications sent through the mobile application.

Customers who use the call system with the MOBILE module can address people in another way - through the mobile application. It is not only a money-saving solution, there are even more advantages. You can choose to contact people with a certain status set on their phones, or people present in a designated (at risk) area.

  • Mobile application for Svolávač
  • Communicates through PUSH notifications sent to mobile phones
  • Users choose from several different statuses
  • Addresses users within a designated area
  • Combines conditions for contacting (locality / status)
  • Saving means compared to voice and text messages

Modules of the Calling System

The core Caller offers tools for multiple addressing. If you need more functions you can have one or more complementary modules.


Thanks to the DESK module people can choose for themselves what type of information they want to receive. E.g. Svolávač will send you information on street sweeping in your neighbourhood.

Municipal councils can directly address the public thanks to the DESK module of Svolávač. People select the type of the news they are interested in receiving and submit their telephone number on their municipality’s website. Subsequently, they receive the required information on their mobile phones. Thanks to this application they will not forget to park their car elsewhere if their street is being cleaned.

  • Directly aimed notifications sent to mobile phones
  • Users receive only required information
  • Users select topics of interest
  • Automatically resends information
  • Examples of topics: traffic, shutdowns, cultural events, changes of opening hours, etc.
  • Ideal tool for towns and cities

API Module

The API module is useful in many ways: it offers inter-connection with hardware, so telephones are not needed to call people. E.g. pushing the SOS button will call the crisis management team.

Apart from the connection to hardware, such as the SOS buttons, industrial panels, tablets, and other devices, Svolávač enables the use of sensors. If a sensor in a server room detects dangerously high temperatures, it sends information to the calling system which will automatically inform the appropriate technicians. If an assembly line stops and an employee pushes the SOS button, the system will automatically call the management.

  • Connects to surrounding systems
  • Connects to hardware
  • Uses SOS buttons, etc.
  • Connects to sensors and other input-output devices
  • Has adjustable parameters
  • Starts informing with the push of a button
  • Starts calling when temperatures exceed a certain limit

SHARP Module

The SHARP module has a slightly different function than that of the core Svolávač. When needed, it contacts voluntary rescue workers that are presently in the vicinity of a wounded person.

Already during the pilot phase in the region of Hradec Králové, SHARP helped to save several human lives. It automatically addressed voluntary rescue workers that were in the proximity of an injured person. Thanks to SHARP and the professional intervention of the volunteers, help was available before the ambulance got to the spot.

  • Shows intervention on the map
  • Locates the closest First-Responder
  • Addresses volunteers in bulk
  • Plans an access route to the injured person
  • Shows accessible defibrillators

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