Uses of the Mass Notification System

Svolávač helps everywhere that there is a need to address multiple people quickly and easily. It is very useful in hospitals, on production lines, or in commercial chains. It also works as a tool for communication between municipal councils and citizens.

Health Facilities

Health Facilities, Hospitals etc.

Trauma plans, medical rounds, ethical commission meetings, addressing medical staff. Also in these cases the system can help in hospitals.

Companies and Organisations

Companies and Organisations

Calling the crisis management team, informing staff in bulk during a blackout, calling for meetings, and many more tasks can be handled by Svolávač in companies.

Voluntary Rescue Workers

Voluntary Rescue Workers

Every second counts before the ambulance gets to the scene. There may be a person able to administer first aid. SHARP can look up the right person.

System for Different Situations

Svolávač is prepared for various situations that can occur in your organisation. It could be a natural disaster, technical fault, or poisonous chemical leak from an adjacent factory. The system serves to ensure communication in hard situations. During normal working days it can help to call meetings, inform colleagues, or get incentives and suggestions from colleagues.

Quick addressing: Rychlost oslovení

Collecting feedback: Sběr odezvy

Easy to use: Jednoduchost použití

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

Fast and high quality communication during floods can save not only property, but also health and lives.

Over the last few years, the Czech Republic witnessed a series of natural disasters. A huge amount of damage was caused by floods, hurricanes, and other natural forces. In such situations, high-quality communication is crucial. Svolávač with the KISS module is prepared for critical situations.

  • Quick familiarization with the situation
  • Passes instructions to all responsible parties
  • Communicates inside and outside of the institution
  • Continuously overviews the status of the call
  • Optional connection to SOS buttons and other HW controls
A crisis manager can call the crisis management team with a few clicks. Thanks to scenarios prepared in advance the risk of chaos and misunderstanding is reduced.

Production Line Stoppages

Production Line Stoppages

If the assembly line is unexpectedly stopped, every second counts. Svolávač immediately connects management with the responsible employees.

Stoppage in industrial production is very costly. If production is stopped, it is necessary to restart it as soon as possible. Svolávač with the API module gets the key people to the spot and helps to shorten downtime – with just the push of a button.

  • Informs employees in bulk about stoppage
  • Calls management and crisis management
  • Easy to start
  • Connects to HW controls in the place (buttons, sensors, etc.)
  • Keeps a record of each contacted person, including detailed statistics
This way Svolávač works as a software layer connected to SOS buttons, for example. After pushing such a button the system automatically starts calling people. There is no need for a telephone or any other device.

Multiple-Vehicle Collisions

Multiple-Vehicle Collisions

Svolávač helps the medical staff to start a trauma plan. The person calling does not need to know the details of the plan; the system will sort everything out itself.

When health and human lives are at stake, medical staff (and not only them) need a reliable tool for communication. Svolávač with the KISS module includes all the necessary functions for calling the team and initiating the trauma plan.

  • Tool that starts the trauma plan in a hospital
  • Calls all necessary people
  • Monitors the distribution of information and gathers feedback
  • Informs the public in bulk
  • Continuously overviews the process of informing
Svolávač is a system for unexpected situations. It can quickly call the crisis management team. If it does not reach the selected person immediately, it repeats the calls, or calls a proxy.

Chemical Leaks

Chemical Leaks

Time really matters in the case of poisonous chemical leaks. Svolávač can contact all important people, thanks to previewed scenarios.

If there is a chemical plant, ice hockey stadium, or petrol station in your proximity, you probably have scenarios in case of poisonous chemical leaks. Svolávač with the MATRIX module can support your scenario and serve as a tool for quick, mass communication.

  • Operates quickly thanks to previewed scenarios
  • Offers various options of communication — voice, text message, mobile application, and e-mail
  • Monitors sent messages
  • Possibility of escalating information
  • Any employee can initiate the scenario
Thanks to the MATRIX module, informing the public about chemical leaks is easy. Apart from that, Svolávač contacts members of the crisis management team and waits for their responses. If it does not reach a certain person, it immediately addresses a proxy and draws attention to the situation.

Svolávač in Everyday Use

Critical situations are not the only moments when the system helps with communication. You can make use of it in any situation where you need to contact multiple people or when you need to call certain people to a specific place. Svolávač also handles polls and questionnaires.


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